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Acres of Farmland
Varieties of Fruits & Veggies Grown
Farm Locations

We are third-generation farmers currently farming on 100+ acres of land.

Vast farmlands, being cultivated for exotic fruits, vegetables and endless paddy fields, we are developing this vertical to bring back the reservoirs of natural and fresh produce. Combined with heartful labour and latest technological expertise, our food brands are reconnecting every consumer to the direct source of their food.

We are passionately creating nature’s real food, with an ambition to deliver to every home across India. Our partners include our farmers, our livestock, the land they reap and the seeds they sow, to create a healthy future.

Currently growing rice, mangoes, exotic fruits & veggies like dragon fruits, mini tomatoes, basil, red/yellow capsicum etc. We also harvest Organic Rice, Nagli, Nachni, Orchids, Flowers, Lawns etc. 

Our produce is marketed & sold through our brand: